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Data included in Donations Lists and Amount Raised Bars

Donations Lists

Donations Lists are shown on fundraisers where the ‘Show list of donors’ feature is enabled in fundraiser settings, and they can be either Top Donations or Recent Donations, depending on the option selected.

  • Top Donations lists 10 donations sorted by highest amount. Blank ($0) amounts are sorted by name.

  • Recent Donations lists 10 donations sorted by the most recent.

Clicking the ‘See All’ button within either list will show ALL donations, sorted by most recent.

  • These lists always include the donor display name (entered in the ‘Show my name as’ field at checkout), and the amount donated unless the donor chose to hide amount. Donors can choose the name they would like to be shown (My name, Anonymous, Family Friend, Supporter, or ‘Enter your own name’), and can decide whether to show or hide their donation amount.

  • If the amount is hidden, or $0 - only the name is shown with a blank donation amount.

Amount Raised Bars

Raised amounts include both ‘hidden’ and ‘anonymous’ donations and are calculated as follows:

  • On Fundraisers, Teams & Personal Pages

    • [Total Amount without covered or deducted fees] + [Matched Amounts] - [Refunds]

    • Note: Total Amount includes tickets, apparel, registrations, and sponsorships.

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