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How to Edit Email Notifications

You have the ability to decide which email notifications you receive via your My Notifications page.

From there you can also set your preferred language for notifications, and unsubscribe from all if desired.

To access this page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your CrowdChange site and Log In.

  2. Click Profile in in the top right corner, then Notifications.

  3. Turn off any undesired notifications by clicking the relevant toggle sliders. (Further explanation below)

Categories of Notifications

Notifications are sectioned off into the following categories (which of these you see will depend on your level of access and what type of pages you manage):

  • General Notifications - Toggle on or off the 'Recurring Donation Receipt' notification - we recommend leaving this off, as you will receive a consolidated receipt at year-end for all your recurring donations.

  • My fundraisers activity - Set which notifications you receive for the fundraisers you manage, such as ‘New Donation Received', ‘Donation Refunded’, ‘Milestone Notifications’ and more.

  • My team activity - Select which notifications you receive for your team page(s).

  • My personal page activity - Select which notifications you receive for your personal page(s).

  • My banking notifications - Select which (if any) banking-related notifications you receive.

To unsubscribe from all notifications, click the toggle slider next to ‘Turn off all notifications’ at the top.

You can also get to My Notifications via the links at the bottom of our emails, as shown below:

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