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Image Size Guidelines

When uploading images on CrowdChange, note that .PNG and .JPG are the preferred file types, and you can see our size guidelines for each image below:


Recommended Image Size

Aspect Ratio

Fundraiser Cover Image

640 x 320 pixels


eCards & Tribute Cards

1280 x 720 pixels


New UI / Fundraiser Redesign - Hero Block Image Sizes

Hero Block Style

Recommended Image Size

Aspect Ratio

Full Screen

1920 x 699 pixels



1228 x 420 pixels



528 x 500 pixels


Including text information in Hero images goes against SEO and accessibility best practices.

This information should be within the text body of the page, so that search engines can find the pages and accessibility tools (e.g. screen readers) can operate correctly.

For further details on Hero images and responsive design best practices, please refer to the following article:  

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