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Recurring Donations

To get started with Recurring Donations, check out the steps below to learn how to do the following:

  • Enable Recurring Donations on a Fundraiser and set the default donation type

  • Edit Automated Email Templates connected to Recurring Donations

  • Access your Profile to edit your Recurring Donations

Getting Started with Recurring Donations

Enable Recurring Donations on a Fundraiser and set the default donation type

  1. From your fundraiser, click Edit Mode, then Advanced settings → Setup → Donation Amounts.

  2. Enable Accept Recurring Donations, then specify your Accepted Donation Types, Default Donation Type, and Minimum Recurring Donation Amount. For example:

  3. Optional - if desired, you can also set default donation amounts and impact statements for each type of donation you have enabled. To set monthly and annual donation amounts, scroll down to this section:

  4. At the bottom of the page, click Save to confirm.

Edit Automated Email Templates connected to Recurring Donations

  1. From your fundraiser, go to Edit Mode → Advanced settings SetupAutomated Email Templates.

  2. Click on any template you want to edit and toggle on I want to use my own text.

  3. Edit the subject and message body as desired and click Save.

  4. Optional: You can send yourself a Preview Email or Reset the message to default by clicking the respective buttons.

Access your Profile to update your Recurring Donations

  1. From anywhere on your CrowdChange site, click Profile in in the top right, then My Profile

  2. Select My Recurring Donations from the left sidebar.

  3. For any recurring donation in the list, you can perform the following actions:

    1. Change Amount - Note that if a minimum recurring donation amount is set at the Admin level, you are not able to set the amount lower than this number.

    2. Change Payment Day

    3. Skip Next Payment

    4. Pause & Resume Recurring Donation

    5. Cancel Recurring Donation

  4. To update your payment method (credit / debit card), click the pencil icon next to the last 4 digits of your card number at the top of the recurring donation. Enter the new details and click Save to confirm.

If you would like to receive email notification for every recurring donation charge, you can enable this from Profile > Notifications > General Notifications

If a Recurring Donation Fails…

In cases where a Recurring Donation fails (for example: credit card has expired or amount exceeds limit), we will try to process the transaction again at a later date according to this timeline:

  • 1st Failure → Notification email is sent to donor and Admin, advising that the charge failed and why. Retry in 3 days is scheduled.

  • 2nd Failure → Retry in 3 days is scheduled.

  • 3rd Failure → Retry in 3 days is scheduled.

  • 4th Failure → Subscription is cancelled. Email notification is sent to donor and Admin advising them that the subscription is no longer active.

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